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Epoxy Floor Coatings

You’ve invested a lot in your facility.

From the concrete foundation to the roof over your head, you should enjoy it for years to come.

Why Coat Concrete?

Here are a few of the reasons you might consider adding an epoxy coating to your concrete floor.

  • High Impact Resistance

  • Stunning Luster and Beauty

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Anti-skid, Slip-Resistance

  • Protection for Your Substantial Investment

  • Low Maintenance Costs

  • Durability & Strength

  • Color Coded for Safety


There Are Numerous Benefits to Using Epoxy Coatings


Early deterioration of your flooring surface could result in expensive replacements or repairs to your concrete. The right Epoxy Flooring Solution should save you money over time, thanks to its durability.


Epoxy coatings create a smooth, stain-repellent surface that can quickly and easily be maintained without significant costs.


Professionally installed epoxy floors increase lighting/visibility, are slip-resistant, and allow you to properly mark and stripe areas to keep employees safe from forklifts or hazardous areas.


Choose the Ideal Coating for Your Facility

Your flooring needs will likely differ from other facilities. Our team can help you determine the ideal epoxy coating finish to make your facility look great for years to come.

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Decorative Broadcast

  • Heavy-Duty Resurfacing

  • USDA Approved Coatings

  • Thin Mil Coatings

  • Prep & Repair

Services Available for a Range of Industries

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