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Our Proven Polishing Process

Floor is evaluated to insure that the scope of work is correct.

Grinding process begins to ensure the floor is even and open floor up for densification process.

Continuous grinding steps occur to refine scratches made by more aggressive cuts.

Polishing steps are completed and sealer is applied.  Begin to buff floor for added shine.

All walls, walkways and entrances/exits are masked to prevent damage.

Densification process ensures an even hardness across entirety of the floor.


1.)  Is polished concrete slippery?

      - Polished concrete may look slippery, but it is slip-resistant.  When kept clean and dry, they         are very safe floors.  Also, the sealer we add at the end of every job adds additional traction.

2.)  How long does polished concrete last?

      -  Polished concrete has a hardness or density that no other flooring solution has.  Polished                       concrete floors should last a lifetime if maintained properly. However, the floor will need a little             attention from time to time to insure it is holding up to the demands of the customer.

3.)  Does polished concrete require continual maintenance?

       - Polished concrete floors are easier to clean and maintain compared to other flooring options.                 The amount of maintenance depends mainly on the amount of foot traffic, but polished floors are           rather simple to maintain by sweeping or mopping.

4.)  How long should I wait to walk on the floor after sealing?

      -  Polished floors can be opened to light foot traffic 30 minutes after the sealer has been applied.

5.)  Why should I choose polished concrete over Epoxy or other coating solutions?

      -  Floor coatings such as epoxy wear away from the surface and much be re-coated frequently.                 Polished concrete will save a company money in the long-run as there is very low cost in                         maintaining a polished floor.  

6.)  How much does polished concrete cost?

      -  Polished concrete can cost anywhere from $1 a square foot to $10 a square foot dependent on               several variables.  One variable is the shape of the concrete.   The better the shape (no coatings             on floor, new concrete, etc.) the lower the cost will be.  Another major factor is size.  The larger               the job, the less the floor will cost as we specialize in very large areas.

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