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Be Proud of Your Floor

Beautiful, Easy-to-Maintain Floors from a Certified Concrete Polishing Contractor

You shouldn't have to deal with a bad floor.

Polished concrete floors offer unique advantages over other flooring options.

Get a Safer Work Environment

Safe flooring surface with high-reflectivity results in a brighter safer place to work (at a lower cost)

Spend Less Time & Money on Flooring

Reduce your flooring maintenance budget and cut out down-time for refinishing the floor.

Impress Customers
& Visitors

Concrete polishing creates a memorable floor that reflects well on your business.

At Polished Concrete Professionals, our certified crews are here to help.

Concrete Polishing

A durable alternative to
epoxies, paints, and other flooring finishes which need frequent refinishing.

Dyes & Designs

Create bold, striking designs on the floor using multiple colors and patterns.

Floor Prep

Remove old flooring surfaces or adhesives for the purpose of applying another floor sealer, coating, or covering.

Crack & Hole Repair

Repair expansion joints, holes, cracks, or other
damaged areas.

Julia Wharton, Director

St. John Neumann Academy

The original plans for our school called for VCT flooring, but we had major concerns about its durability, especially after pricing came in from the subcontractor.  We were in a bind, needing to finish construction before the fall and were directed by the General Contractor to see if Polished Concrete Professionals could help.  They visited our facility within a few days, listened to our concerns, and gave us options that fit our budget and our timeline.

Now, we get compliments every day from parents, faculty, and visitors saying how beautiful the floor is.  It's easy to clean, even on the muddiest day as students come in and out of the building.

What is your floor costing you?

Utility Costs

Epoxies, paints, and other flooring options are not reflective and require more lighting in the building.  The reflective surface of polished concrete creates a brighter space with fewer lights.

Operational Budget

Traditional flooring surfaces require extensive maintenance and cleanings, and may need to be refinished/replaced as often as every year depending upon use.


What do customers and visitors think when they see your floor? A worn, dirty floor can reflect poorly on your facility and cost you business.


Vinyl Tile Floors require waxes be applied to the floor.  If done incorrectly, this can put you at risk for lawsuits related to customers slipping on slick surfaces.

We proudly serve the following industries:

Industrial Facilities


Distribution, Warehouses


Showrooms, Retail Spaces, Offices


K-12 Schools,

Stop wasting time and money on bad flooring finishes and get the floor you want.

At Polished Concrete Professionals, we know you want to be proud of your facility. In order to do that, you need a better flooring option. The problem is traditional flooring options cost too much to maintain leaving you frustrated about the state of the floor and what is required to keep it looking good.


We believe flooring finishes should look good and be durable enough to last.


We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with a floor that is difficult and expensive to maintain and ultimately doesn't reflect very well on your business. Our professional, certified polishing teams have transformed more than 4 million square feet of frustrating, expensive flooring into beautiful, durable, easy-to-maintain polished concrete floors.


Request a free quote today. And in the meantime, take a look at some of the other companies we've helped.


Stop spending too much on floor maintenance. Stop losing business. 


Lower your maintenance costs, eliminate headaches, and get a floor you'll be proud of.

Start the Professional Polishing Plan Today!

Request a Free Quote

Our experienced estimators will take a look at the existing floor or plans to determine expected cost and time for the project.

Schedule the Project

One of our certified polishing teams will take your floor through the full process, caring for your facility as if it were their own.

Get Back to Work

Save time and money on maintenance and know your floor is making a great impression on visitors.

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